React to Anything: 5 Ways to Find Perfect Reaction GIFs & Videos

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Do you ever wish you could react to any social media situation with an exact quote, stare, or scene? You’ve come to the right place.

Today Cool Websites and Apps, a regular MakeUseOf feature that explores sites we’ve never mentioned before, offers up five sites you can use to react to just about anything with the perfect quote, GIF or video. You’re welcome.

There’s GIFs, of course: there has to be. We’ve shown you how to find any GIF using Giphy, and explained how GIFs are the language of the web. And today we’ve got a few more wonderful GIF tools to share.

But GIFs aren’t the only way to react to something: a well-timed video, or a quote from a show, can also work. Here’s how to find those, along with some good old fashioned GIF tools. Let’s get started.

Frinkiac: Search Engine for Every Simpson’s Quote, Ever

The Simpsons is in a weird quantum state right now, simultaneously inducing 90s nostalgia while also still existing 15 years after the 90s ended. Needless to say, there are a lot of Simpsons episodes, and you can probably think of more than a few quotes you’ve loved over the years. Frinkiac lets you find those quotes back: it’s an index of every line ever said in the show, which you can search.


Because of this, I now know which episode Homer pretended to be Mr. Burns at the post office, a piece of knowledge I will always cherish. What knowledge will you gain? Only you can find out – be sure to share the quote you find using the comments below.

The site also lets you instantly make a meme out of any quote you find, complete with a Simpsons font. So if you want to insert your favorite quote into any social media conversation, you can.

The Office Stare Machine: Massive Database of Characters Staring Right at the Camera

Even if you love the American remake of The Office, you have to admit they relied on the “character looking straight into the camera” gimmick pretty heavily. I didn’t realize just how much they did this before firing up The Office Stare Machine, which lets you search for an emotion and see tiny clips of characters staring at you.


It’s really fun to see all these clips out of context, and they come out at you in rapid fire. It’s also a great way to find the perfect video for reacting to something your friends say. Jim staring at the camera, confused, right after your friend says something dumb on Facebook is the ultimate put down. Use this new power responsibly, though.

GIFs for Social Media: Quick Collection of Reaction GIFs

We’ve explained how Buffer helps you schedule social posts more than once, but that’s not the only service they offer. There’s also this little page of GIFS, which you can quickly browse to find a reaction.


We’ve talked about places to find GIFS in the past, but most of those are search-driven databases. Buffer’s offering stands out because it’s simple to browse, so give it a bookmark if that’s appealing to you. Create GIFs Quickly

If you can’t find a particular GIF, but can find the clip on YouTube, head over to this site. It lets you paste any YouTube video link to create a GIF in just a few clicks. For example: I couldn’t find a GIF of Mario stealing a Goomba Shoe, which was clearly unacceptable.


We’ve explained convoluted methods for creating GIFs in the past, but makes the process a lot easier.

Giphy for Gmail (Chrome): Find the Perfect GIF Without Leaving Your Inbox

If you’re a Slack user, you’ve probably discovered the wonders of /giphy – one of those little things that makes using Slack better. Basically, the feature lets you quickly find and insert a GIF. But what if you could do that with email?

If you’re a Chrome user, you can: just download Giphy for Gmail and you’re ready to go.


Next time you want to remind the crew to send out those TPS reports, add a GIF. It makes things just a little less mundane.

How Do You React to Stuff?

These tools give you all sorts of hilarious ways to react to things, but there’s never enough. So we want to know: what tools do you use to react to things? Whether it’s a previously unknown GIF searching tool or a personal database you’d like to talk about, we want to find out. Let’s get started in the comments below, because I’m looking forward to the conversation.

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