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We often put our phone face downwards so that we are not distracted by its screen. Before doing so we also put the phone in silent mode. Now to automatically silence your phone when you put it face down, you can use an Android application called RD Mute.

silence your phone

RD Mute is a simple yet brilliant application that all Android phone owners will find extremely helpful. The app detects whenever your phone is put face down; when this happens, the app enters the phone into silent mode and frees you from your phone distractions. In case you receive an incoming phone call, you can set the app to automatically send out a text message to the caller notifying them that you are busy; for this feature you simply need to manually enter the phone into “Car Mode” through the app instead of auto-muting by face-down action.

mute your phone


  • A user friendly smartphone application.
  • Automatically mutes your phone when you face it downwards.
  • Sends out an SMS to incoming callers telling them you are busy.
  • Helps eliminate cell-phone distractions.

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