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Popular music streaming service Rdio has launched a new service designed called Vdio. As the name implies, the new website is all about video, and is only launching in two countries at first: the US and UK. The service will hopefully reach more countries soon, but licensing video is always a difficult process.

Unlike Netflix, Vdio is not an unlimited video-streaming service. lnstead, it seems to be aimed at competing with iTunes and Amazon’s rental services where you pay for each video you wish to watch. However, current unlimited Rdio subscribers receive a $25 credit to try out the service, and the same goes for anyone who subscribes to Rdio over the next 2 months.

For the time being, Vdio is only available on the Web and on iPad. Presumably, we’ll also see it launch for other devices such as iPhone, Android, and perhaps even on desktops, to expand its user base.

At around $15 for movies and $15-$50 per season for most TV shows, Vdio seems to be on about the same price level as its competition. Like Rdio, Vdio is all about sharing what you watch with friends on social networks, and includes features such as listing shows and collaborating with friends to find new and interesting stuff to watch.

Overall, the design of the website and iPad app are beautiful, which makes looking for content to watch a joyous experience. Will it be able to compete with big guns such as iTunes and Amazon? Only time will tell, but Vdio is certainly off to a good start.


What do you think of Vdio? What makes it better or worse than existing options?

Source: The Next Web

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