Rdio For iOS Gets A Slick New Interface [Updates]

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Popular music streaming service Rdio has just received a huge update for its iOS application that brings a new interface and some slick new features that should make Rdio users¬†quite¬†happy. While Pandora and Spotify might still be the biggest players in terms of mobile music streaming, Rdio is quietly adding some awesome new stuff that is putting a dent into its competitors’ overwhelming popularity.

The interface for the Rdio app has been made to look more modern and sleek. The new look also makes it easier to navigate around the application and get to playing your favorite tunes faster. The new look is not busy at all, so it is easy to find what you are looking for without sifting through all kinds of unnecessary fluff. While Rdio may not have needed a new interface, as there was not anything wrong with the old one, a pleasant change is still never a bad thing.

The features introduced with this update are also designed to make playing tunes faster and more efficient. The first new feature is a “Long Press” option that make sharing, syncing, and adding to playlists quicker than it was previously. Simply tap and hold a piece of music, and the options will be ready to go.

The other new feature is called “Badges”. This shows what music you’ve added to your collection or synced to your mobile device. Music in your collection will have a green badge and music synced to your mobile device will show an orange badge.

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For Rdio users on iOS this is a great update which makes using the app a more streamlined process. Rdio users, what do you think? If you don’t use Rdio, is this update enough to make you give it a try? Let us know in the comments!

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