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One of the most common uses of sites like Twitter and Facebook has been to get feedback from friends on things you are planning to buy. Rately intends to streamline that process by letting you add a bunch of items and then ask friends which one you should purchase. They offer a bookmarklet that lets you add stuff from almost any shopping site. They get displayed on your Rately page and you can share that with friends on Twitter, Facebook, IM or email. Comments from various sources get aggregated on your Rately page making your decision making process easier.

shopping advice

Questions can also be embedded on your blog.  Basically, if you intend to compare multiple items through opinions and advice from friends then Rately is probably the best way to do it.


  • Get online shopping advice from friends on things you want to buy.
  • Add multiple items from various shopping sites.
  • Post on different social sites or send privately via email.

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