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The marriage of e-mail and social networking with Google Buzz blurred the line between private e-mails for business and personal social media. Most social networking sites are not limited to personal use anymore. They can now be used to know more and engage your business contacts.

Rapportive is a Chrome and Firefox extension that lets you replace ads on the right side of your Gmail inbox with powerful business relationship management tool. Rapportive displays some information about your contacts and links to their available social networking sites that are associated with that email address.

replace ads

To use Rapportive, simply install the plugin into your browser from the website. After installing, you should be able to see the changes once you open an email message from one of your contacts. In addition to providing the contact information and the social networking site links of your contact, you can also add a private note for that particular person which can be handy if you want to add some details.

Rapportive is especially useful if you want to know more about the person behind the e-mail address. Plus points for replacing a section meant for ads to something useful.

replace ads

  • Transforms the ads in your Gmail inbox into a customer relationship management tool.
  • Displays information about your contact.
  • Provides links to your contact’s social networking site profiles.
  • Add a private note for a contact.

Check out Rapportive @

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  1. Karl K
    March 9, 2010 at 8:34 am

    I've installed "Rapportive" on both my computers (with Firefox), and while it DOES suppress all the adverts on the right-hand side of Gmail's message window, it fills the space with "social content" (if any) of the message's sender. I find that of little to no value. I wish "Rapportive" had a button to just suppress the advertisements and free up the additional screen space for the Gmail message itself. That would make it truly useful!