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Need some sharing space online? Stop looking. This simple and free site lets you upload as many files as you wish and then send the link to any number of people who can download it anytime. Files can be as big as 100MB and can be downloaded unlimited number of times. Files can be stored indefinitely as long they are downloaded at least once every 30 days.

Rapidshare, the world’s biggest (over 30 mil.files) and fastest file hoster. Currenty storing more then 360 terrabytes(360.000 GB) of data and growing. Users mainly use it to conveniently share files with other users. After you upload files to the system for people to download it they need to know link to the the file(which is known to you only). So you simply share your link with anyone you want to.

If you are in frequent need of such service then go through simple sign up process,to open a free account. Account area has simple admin interface for managing all uploaded files. There are 2 types of accounts; free and premium. While you can do allmost all basic stuff with free account, premium account has some extra useful features like parallel file downloads option and unlimited hosting of files even if they haven’t been downloaded once in the last 30 days. Premium accounts priced between 3 EUR to 79 EUR. If you are using free account you are required to wait on average 25 sec. before download starts after file has been selected.

To sum up, I give this service thumbs up and think it is more convenient then Yousendit which we reviewed eariler.

  1. cindy
    January 18, 2007 at 9:19 am

    would love to try rapidshare as i only heard of this site from a friend thought i'd check it out while i'm on the computer tonight tryed lime wire ,ares, sharebear ,emule ,i was told that rapidshare was a good site was having a hard time trying to get the other going ,

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