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If you have a ranked list to share, which site do you turn to? Facebook and Twitter are not made for creating lists. What you need is a site called Ranker.

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Ranker is a wonderful website that provides you with ranked lists on various topics. Users log on to the site and create lists on whichever topic they want. From Scorsese’s top 10 movies to the best trailers for movies due in 2012, you will find lists on everything. The lists you create on the site can have an introduction and a description for each individual entry. This helps you keep the list thorough.

Lists can be of various types as well; you can simply gather items or make voting lists where visitors can vote on the options. Sharing buttons on lists’ webpages let visitors easily spread the word about your lists to others.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Contains lists on various topics.
  • Lets you create different types of lists.
  • You can add list description and descriptions for each list entry.
  • Can let site visitors vote on list items.

Check out Ranker @

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