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If you are a fan of Subway sandwiches, check out RandomSub. It lets you randomly generate ingredients for a Subway sandwich and displays the total calorie count and fat count. It is helpful if you are in a hurry or can’t make your mind up about the ingredients while you are heading to Subway but still want to make a nutritious choice.

Simply install their iOS app on your iPhone (or any iOS device) and press the “Randomize” button. It randomly chooses from different ingredients (bread, salad, cheese etc) and gives you the corresponding total fat and calorie counts.

ingredients subway sandwich


  • Compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Automatically generates ingredients for a Subway sandwich in a single click.
  • Chooses from different ingredients – bread, toasted (yes/no), meat type, salad, cheese and sauce.
  • Shows total fat count.
  • Shows total calorie count.

Check out RandomSub @

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