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There are often situations when one needs to randomize a list of names, numbers or just simpler words. RandomizeList is a simple tool that can help you do this without any effort. Just copy and paste the list of items you want to randomize and click submit. A new completely random list will be generated from your items.

It works for numbers, words, names or anything else that is in text form. You can also choose to remove leading blank spaces from your items for better results. No accounts to register for and no script to download, it is a simple app that can randomize a list for you within seconds.

However, do note that if you are trying to randomize a large list of items it can slow your computer down.

randomize lists


  • Randomize a list of items.
  • List can contain numbers, words or any form of text.
  • Automatically removes leading blank spaces.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tool: RandomLinePicker

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