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Have you ever had to randomly choose from a list? It could be a number, color, or any object. Your selection will somehow be biased in some way. To get a truly random pick, pay a visit to Randomiser.

Randomiser is a free web service that you can use to randomly select a member from a list. The site’s operation could not be any easier: you enter the list’s items separated by a comma. This is all entered in the text area provided on the site’s homepage. After entering all items, you click on the “>>” button or simply press the ENTER / RETURN key. One of the items from your list will be selected and displayed.

Since the computer algorithm behind the selection will not be made by you, the result will not be biased and random. The site can be helpful in a number of ways for example, while choosing a holiday destination from your favorite ones.

randomly choose from a list


  • Easy way to pick at random from a list.
  • No complicated data format is required – list items are separated by a comma.
  • Lists can be of anything: numbers, words, or characters.
  • An item from the entered list is randomly selected and displayed.
  • Can be helpful in any situation where you need a random selection.
  • Similar tools: Random Name Picker, Random Line Picker, Random Picker and Sorteie.

Check out Randomiser @

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