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Random Poem Generator is a fun tool that lets you poemize any webpage by just providing a URL. Once you submit the URL and select one of three rhyming styles (Haiku, Alternating, Clerihew), the tool will scan the webpage and organize the text it finds into a particular rhyming style.

The tool is just for fun and works better if the webpage has a lot of text since it gives the tool a lot of choices to pick from. If you don’t like what the tool generated, click on “get a new poem” to refresh the poem. You can also select some pre-defined URLs to see samples of what the tool can do, and share the poems it generates via Twitter.

random poem generator


  • Create a poemize version of any webpage.
  • Choose from 3 different rhyming styles.
  • Refresh to create a new poem for the same webpage.
  • No registration required.

Visit Random Poem Generator @

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