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Want to quickly pick a random name (winner) from a list of names? Head to RandomNamePicker – an online random name selector tool that can pick a name from a list. To make name picking more entertaining there are two interfaces you can use, Typewriter or Fruit Machine.

random name selector tool

The process is simple, just go to the page, paste list of names in to provided field and click on “Typewriter” or “Fruit Machine” button, the application will randomly pick a name and present it to you.


  • Random name picker tool.
  • Obviously can be used for random word picking as well.
  • No sign up or registration needed.
  • Two interfaces to choose from: Typewriter and Fruit Machine.
  • Free and easy to use.

Check out RandomNamePicker @ www.classtools.net/randomnamepicker

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Tony Barham

How do I download Random Name Picker to load on to my server.



How do i download this?



liyers it does not work


Meghen Ehrich

You don’t download it. After you type in your list of items, click on the Save icon. This will just create a bookmark of a webpage that has the unique URL for your list of items. Unfortunately, this will still display the ads.

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