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At least one millenia ago, monsters inhabited our world. The White Dragons led these monsters and maintained the worlds balance.

Every now and then, when a race of monsters got out of hand, they would come out of hibernation and eliminate them.

One day, the humans started their rise to power. Again, the White Dragons started to awake. But the humans acted like no race of monsters ever did before. They tried to negotiate with the White Dragons, they tried to use reason.

The White Dragons, who were impressed by this unusual way of things, granted them another five hundred years. Unfortunately the humans forgot about this pact, and exactly five hundred years later, a meteorite was sent to earth.

The meteorite possessed magical powers, and soon monsters started to increase in power, number and organisation. Ultimately, after the great war and at the cost of many lives, the meteorite was destroyed. Pieces of the meteorite, called ‘Cells’, were put away deep under the surface.

Another thousand years passed until the pieces were recovered. Wars were fought and lives were lost. But the way of battle took a curious turn. People found out that the shards of the meteorite, the Cells, could be controlled individually. One could summon monsters, varying in size and strength, using those cells. Combat was changed for good.


It could be that the humans grew stronger through this series of events. It could also be that the punishment of the White Dragons has yet to begin because there is nothing worse than to be destroyed by your own.


Rakion: Chaos Force

Rakion is an MMO, a Massive Multiplayer Online Game. Actually, it’s a MMORPG, a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game, but I prefer to skip those last three letters. Mainly because the Rakion gameplay system differs immensely from the big guys within this genre, like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and ArchLord.

Most of these games use a turn based set-up, which means that you have to await the response of your opponent before dealing out your next blow. Rakion however, tries to handle the combat in a more direct approach.

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Rakion Gameplay

The ultimate goal of Rakion: Chaos Force, is to give you a more active fighting role. They try to protect you from the boredom that usually befalls people after playing MMORPG’s for a while. Repetitive actions tend to become quite a drag after some time.

Rakion isn’t turn based however, which makes it a lot more attractive for the casual gamer. They still work with expoints, collectable items, player classes and -levels but they’ve completely switched over to a hack and slash system.

Something that should also be noted is that Rakion does not work with a free roaming world and quests like most MMORPG’s. Rakion is played through limited PvP sessions in a closed environment.

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Game Modes

A few different game modes can be played in Rakion.

Golem War

In Golem War, the players are divided into a red and a blue team. Each team gets assigned a master golem. The main objective is to destroy the other team’s and protect your own master golem at all cost.

There is only one weapon that can damage a master golem however – a gold sword which is obtained by killing the gold golem at the center of the map. The gold sword can only be kept for one and a half minutes, or until you die. When this happens, the golden golem resurrects again.

Death Match

A well known concept. We can distinguish to different modes here; Team- and Solo Death Match.

In Team Death Match, you are again divided into two teams. The main objective is to kill as many members from the other team as possible. The game stops when one of the teams reach the assigned kill point goal or when the time is up. In the latter case, the team with the most kills wins.

Solo Death Match applies mostly the same concept. Instead it’s every man for himself and you have to try to reach the kill point goal on your own.

Boss Mode

The players once again get divided into two teams. The team member from the highest level is appointed as boss. The objective is to kill the other team’s boss and protect your own. The game is over when one of the bosses dies, or when the time is up, in which case the team of the boss with the most energy left wins.

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During the game, players get different types of points, with which they can level up or buy additional items. The different types of points that are distributed during gameplay are:

  • Cell points, which can be used to summon creatures.
  • Gold, which can be used to purchase additional items.
  • Experience, which can be used to make your character stronger.
  • Creature Exp, which can be used to make your summonable creatures stronger.



Rakion is a very nice and entertaining game, especially if you take into consideration that the file is only about 350 MB in size. It has the constant action to keep you entertained, but doesn’t forget the details with the items and leveling system.

Download Rakion: Chaos Force here.

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