RainyMood: Relax to the Sound of Rain and Thunder mp3

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It’s easy to overlook a webapp just because it’s simple. In the case of Rainy Mood this would be a mistake. The function of this site is simple: it plays a sound of rain and thunder mp3 on continuous loop. The sound is intended to be soothing, and those who love the sound of rain will certainly find it so.

sound of rain and thunder mp3

The site recommends using the sound behind your music, and that certainly does create a certain ambiance””I particularly recommend Simon and Garfunkle. Overall I’d say this is a web application that does exactly what it sends out do, even if that something is very simple.


  • Plays the sound of rain falling
  • High-quality 15-minute loop
  • Free and no sign up
  • Similar tool: SoundSleeping.

Check out RainyMood @ www.rainymood.com

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play it with beethovens moonlight sonata

Justin Pot

That might be the most relaxing thing ever, but just to make sure I’m going to also make myself a nice cup of tea.

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