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find new musicEven in a time where MTV is practically nothing but reality TV, music is easier than ever to come across. The Internet has really cracked the music industry open, first with cases like Napster and now with Spotify, and music is a way of life to many people now.

Not only does the Internet make (legally and, well, illegally) acquiring new tunes completely simple and easy, but it makes finding and exploring new artists a cinch as well. Services like Pandora and may immediately come to mind, but there are plenty more. You can never know too many ways of getting the job done.

At MUO, we’ve done a lot of articles exposing our readers to new methods of finding artists and songs, and today I’ve got two more to share with you.


Tina did a great article exposing five websites to find music to match with your mood 5 Websites To Play Music Matching Your Mood 5 Websites To Play Music Matching Your Mood Read More just around two years ago. RageChill is a relatively new service and requires a proper introduction.

find new music

RageChill’s concept offers users to match two moods, rage and chill, with the appropriate tracks. The bar you see in the previous screenshot allows you to slide across to set an exact level for just how “raged” or “chilled” you’re feeling on this day. The music will match appropriately.


Moving the slider will automatically cause a new song to begin streaming. As a song plays, you can click on it on the ticker to display more information, album art, or a YouTube video related to that song. You can also upvote or downvote the song, replay it, or add it to your RageChill collection.

find new music online

RageChill has a huge library, but seems to specialize in electronic, hip-hop, and indie. It’s always interesting moving that slider just an inch and seeing how one song varies from the next.

The Music Maze

The Music Maze is a music service that uses radio by Rdio. Signing up for a Rdio account will let you listen to full songs, but if that doesn’t interest you then the experience is nearly the exact same. It’s a great music discovery engine.

find new music online

The Music Maze is pretty simple. Unlike RageChill, it requires a little more manual input when it comes to kicking things off. Think of an artist that you enjoy and search for them. From there, radio will begin for that artist and a list of similar and related artists will pop out in tree form. A song will play and after a little while, the song will cut and select the next random artist from your related tree. That process continues and continues.

find new music

The Music Maze isn’t loaded with as many obscure artists as RageChill, but it’s an awesome way to sit through a mix of songs that all spur from one of your favorite artists. I like the way that the radio (without registering an account) cuts through songs, not necessarily starting at the beginning. It gives you a better feel for if you might like the sound of a song or not. Song introductions don’t always do it for me.

Did you know about these two ways to find new music? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. April Eum
    August 27, 2012 at 8:12 am

    indeed a new concept of music player. i shall try it out

  2. Mila Kun
    August 26, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    RageChill is quite interesting. I wish I could link it to my account, though.