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If you use the Internet regularly, you might have come across ‘rage face’ comics. These comics have a certain set of faces that express various emotions and usually produce an extremely funny effect. iOS users can now use these faces in their emoticons, thanks to an tool called “Rage Faces for SMS”.

sms rage face

Rage Faces for SMS is a smartphone app for iOS devices. The app is sized at 5.3 MB and compatible with iOS devices running version 4.0 or later. After installing the app from the iTunes store, you can open it up and choose any of the many ‘rage faces’ available. Simply tap a face from the app’s grid and it is copied to the clipboard of your iOS device.

When you are composing an SMS, simply paste the contents of the clipboard’s content to include the rage face within your message.

rage faces for sms


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Lets you paste rage faces into SMS.
  • Includes many rage faces.

Check out Rage Faces for SMS @ 

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