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Music discovery with online radio have been trumped by music websites like and Spotify. Unlike well-known apps that rely on streams, finding the right songs from online radio stations can be hard because you have no control of the songs played. But RadioTuna will make online radio relevant once again.

internet radio search engine

RadioTuna is a free online radio discovery tool with a real-time internet radio search engine. It provides up-to-minute search results of music that are broadcasted online and connects you to internet radio stations that play the kind of music you are looking for. If no stations are currently playing music that you like, it will suggest stations that are most likely to play it.

You can find music in RadioTuna by artist search, genre search, and station search. Navigate the website using the Genre sidebar which expands into the various subcategories of a particular genre. You may also go to the Bookmarks sidebar and check out the most popular stations in RadioTuna, go back to the recent stations played, or browse favorite stations.

internet radio search engine

Another feature is the Current Station sidebar. Here you can find various information about the station, current track, cover art, genres, recent tracks, and top artists of the station. You can also bookmark the station, adjust the volume, bookmark currently playing artist, perform a new search, and display artist biography with links to buy their album.


The interface of RadioTuna works seamlessly with all functions of the app available to you in one page. You can browse through different tabs easily, and get the top songs or top station to start your online radio search. The best feature of this app is that it can tell you the genre of any online radio station based on the type of songs they frequently play.

With RadioTuna, listening to internet radio and managing your favorite stations have never been this easy.

internet radio search engine


  • Free internet radio portal.
  • Search for an artist or a genre and get an up-to-the minute result of the stations that play that kind of music.
  • Suggests stations that are most likely to play the music you are looking for.
  • Browse stations by genre.
  • Browse the most popular stations in RadioTuna.
  • Displays the top 5 songs based on real-time global radio chart.
  • Bookmark radio stations and artists.
  • Retrieve stations from your listening history.
  • Share a station to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, or via email.
  • Displays the artist’s biography as well as links where you can buy their albums.

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