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Have you ever wished for a time machine so you could go back and see what the world was like before you came into the world? Sadly, you cannot have one, but you can come close with the help of the Internet. Radio Time Machine is a really cool web app that allows you to choose a year and go back and hear the music that was most popular in that time frame. All the music choices come from the Billboard Top 100, which is one of the most reputable sources for music tracking.

how has popular music changed

Using the app is really simple. You simply slide the timer to the year you want to listen to and wait a few seconds. It will play a radio station featuring the most popular songs of that time. Not only does it play the song for you, it also shows you the album artwork, artist name and song name for the song that is playing. It’s a really neat way to take a trip back in time.


Even if you are not interested in history, this app is a great way to kick back and listen to music. You can choose a time frame, even if it’s a recent one, and hear a web-based radio station that plays only the best and most popular songs. For fans of pop music, this is a great little app.


  • Hear what popular music was like a long time ago.
  • Choose any time between 1940 and 2012.
  • Shows song name, artist name and album artwork for song.
  • Powered by Rdio, so you will need a Rdio account to hear the full songs.

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