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One area in which the iPad needs to improve is how it lets its users type. People cannot reach all the keys of the virtual keyboard holding the iPad with both hands, so they hold the device with one hand and type with the other – a rather slow way to type. Here to solve this problem is a nifty iOS application called Radial.

typing on the ipad

The app is sized at nearly 5MB and meant for iOS versions 4.0 and beyond. The app divides the virtual keyboard into the two lower corners of the screen. This makes all the keys within the reach of a user’s thumbs while he is holding the iPad with both hands. Once the user gets familiar with the layout of the keys, typing speed can be significantly improved.

Other features of Radial include auto-copying, a spelling checker, the ability to copy text directly to an email, and executing web searches.

Sadly Radial cannot work as a substitute for iPad’s built-in keyboard. This replacement has been disallowed by Apple. Still however, you can easily use Radial to type long emails and various other text-typing tasks.



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