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places to partySo you’re a hard-working kind of person with a little bit of spare money up your sleeve. You like to go out a bit, and you’re keen to know more about the best places nearby. Enter Qype, a directory of restaurant and leisure facility reviews which is entirely linked to Google Maps.

Using a computer or a handy smartphone application, Qype can let you very quickly browse venues nearby to you and read other people’s reviews. Qype is originally based in the UK, so there’s plenty of reviews for places all over English-speaking countries and Europe, plus a growing amount of reviews for other countries.

With Qype it’s all about the reviews. Users are encouraged to say a few words about any given place and rate it for future customers. This means the database is building some great data on venues all over the world. It’s great information for travellers or people new to a town.

To use Qype, all you do is choose the type of place you’re after and it will find venues within a specified radius for you. Then you can browse the reviews and see if the place is worth checking out and bookmark it for later.

places to party

If you’re keen to go there straight away, Qype will link directly to the location on Google Maps. You can even easily use something like Layar to help guide you there, since Qype is a suggested map on Layar.


When you’re there, it’s easy to share your whereabouts with your friends (which then goes to RSS, Facebook or Twitter if you want it to). Add a review and a rating with a few simple clicks, plus upload pictures of the venue or the food to help future customers know what to expect. The more information we put in, the more useful information there is to get out.

If the place you’re visiting isn’t listed on Qype, it’s quite easy to add it to the database.

Qype also allow users to create guides, meaning you can link together a number of local venues for a miniature tour of your town. Very handy for tourists!

party places

Another great perk for tourists is that you can nominate all of the languages in which you want to read reviews.

party places

Qype also keeps track of events, so if you’re in a new town you can quickly find something interesting to do for the evening. Handy!

places to party

In a way, Qype is a little like Foursquare since you can check into the venue. This could work against Qype, due to the popularity of Foursquare. However, the focus in Qype is really to deliver the reviews. Qype are so keen to get quality reviews that they offer you the option of posting your Qype reviews directly to your blog, encouraging lengthier reviews and pictures.

For instance, it means if you’re out and about and want to have a little rant about how good or bad the restaurant you chose for dinner was, if you do it through Qype and have it set to automatically go to your blog too you might choose to write a slightly longer and well-written rant. Smart thinking, Qype.

In the end, Qype makes it tempting to write decent reviews. However, even if review-writing isn’t your thing, you can still make use of Qype’s database by using the smartphone app or something that hooks into it, like Layar. What’s not to love?

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Let us know what you think of Qype compared to other review-based sites in the comments!

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