Qwitter: Find Out Who’s Unfollowing You On Twitter

Remember we talked about Qwitter, a web based app which helps you quit smoking and is fully integrated with your Twitter account ? Today, we’ve got another Qwitter and co-incidentally, this Qwitter has something to do with Twitter too. In fact this could actually be an important Twitter related third party tool out of the myriad Twitter based tools out there. It has a simple user interface and what it does is very simple too. It emails you when someone unfollows you on twitter.

qwitter   Qwitter: Find Out Whos Unfollowing You On Twitter

We know that although twitter can send you an email alert when someone follows you on it, there is no way to know who unfollowed you and when. Qwitter aims to fill that gap and hence make your experience of using twitter a better one.

This might be especially useful for all blog owners out there that have separate Twitter account for their blog and send RSS feeds to Twitter.

Check out Qwitter @ useqwitter.com

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