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Wikipedia, the mother of all knowledge wikis, is unmatched in the breadth and depth of articles that it has published. However, if you want to have an awesome experience with knowledge-based wikis, then you should check out Qwiki. This a new website provides an interactive wiki experience with the help of a slick interface and audio-visual presentations for all its entries.

interactive wiki

To start using Qwiki, just enter any topic in its search bar. Qwiki finds the most relevant page where you can listen to the text-to-speech generated audio and picture slides. You can also click the content tab to read the short transcribed description, find pictures of the subject, and view related qwikis. Hover your mouse over the the images in the presentation to enlarge and click through them. While you can’t change the text like in normal wikis, you can still improve an entry by suggesting a picture, YouTube video, or providing feedback to the audio quality.

Qwiki is a very useful tool for teachers looking for an interactive medium to teach grade school students. The way the audio, video, image, and text are packaged makes it one of the most effective learning tools online.

For more info watch the video below:



  • Cool interactive wiki online.
  • Improve Qwiki entries by suggesting photo and videos.
  • Watch presentations with photo slides.
  • Hover each photo to learn more about them.
  • View related Qwikis.
  • Similar tools: Ten Word Wiki, gdgt, Fotopedia, Navify and AgainButSlower.

Check out Qwiki @

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  1. Jbud
    January 30, 2011 at 4:39 am

    This is a great site with a lot of potential! I've been signed up with it for a while now, and have watched them slowly grow. There's still a lot to be done, but I think this site could really take off sometime in the future.

    Why would you title this as, "Wiki for Students & Teachers" ?? I think that title is extremely misleading and ignorant to what the site is actually truly about. First of all I think its a horrible place for teachers or students to be getting their facts from, especially right now while there's still so much missing from it, and I also think that so many more people than just those 2 categories could really benefit from this site