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make recommendationsWhile part of using a social network like Facebook or Twitter involves recommending articles and blog posts to read, there’s a lot more that’s going on these sites – between photos, what your friends had for lunch, and conversations – the recommended reads can sometimes get lost in the midst of all of the noise. Using a site that defines itself solely as a way to find and make recommendations on what to read is one way to cut past all that noise, and find fascinating articles on topics that are of interest to you. That’s exactly what does. makes it easy to find other users to follow to keep up with interesting content, gives you an easy way to save that content to read later, and if you’re so inclined, makes it easy to get that content out to your Facebook and Twitter followers and friends.

After signing up – suggested users to follow, connect to Twitter or Facebook to find friends, and install the browser plugin – Chrome, Safari and Firefox – to be able to recommend stories. If you prefer not to use a plugin, or are on a different browser, you can use their bookmarklet instead.

Discovering Content On

If you don’t want to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, or if your friends aren’t on, you can still discover interesting content and users to follow by using their own discover system. You can search for interesting reads based on topic – Arts, Culture, Economy, Education, Entertainment, Life, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology and Work  – or you can search for keywords of your choice.

You can then sort results by most recent or most popular, and can filter your results by language – but only two languages are available at the moment – English and German.

make recommendations


On the ‘discover’ page, shared stories will feature the title, the source, and an excerpt from the post, as well as displaying who on has recommended the story. Clicking on the link will open up the recommended story on its original page.

Sharing Content On

When you’re browsing content around the Web, there are two ways you can save it to your account. Hitting the extension button will bring up a menu – with two choices – ‘Read now‘ or ‘Read later’.

offer recommendation

Selecting ‘Read now’ will open up the article in a clean, stripped version of the article, using’s layout.

offer recommendation

Here you can adjust the font size, and formatting, share the article to your connect accounts, or select the excerpt to recommend on

offer recommendation

If you’d rather recommend the article straight away, you can select the text you want to use as an excerpt and then hit the extension button, to open up a window which will allow you to post the recommendation to your account. You can add a comment to your recommendation, and choose its category for the public feed.

online recommendation

Sharing To Social Networks & More

There are more ways that you can interact with each story, however. You can save stories to read later, you can re-post, or ‘recite’ as calls it, on your own account to recommend it, or you can even generate the embed code to share the recommendation on your own site.

While is a social network unto itself, you can also connect your account to other social sharing and saving sites to get your content or recommended reads out to more than just your followers. You can configure to easily share posts to Twitter or Facebook, or save them to Pocket, Instapaper and Readability.

online recommendation

When it comes to Twitter sharing, you can customize what kind of information will appear in your tweet – the title, quote excerpt, the link to the quote, the link to the source, and comments:

online recommendation

For Facebook, on the other hand, you can choose which kinds of stories you want to automatically post to your Facebook wall, your recommendations, stories you read, stories saved to read later 9 Tools To Save What You Read On The Web For Later 9 Tools To Save What You Read On The Web For Later Have you ever gone back searching the Internet for something you read and just couldn’t find it? I think we all have – it’s quite frustrating. The problem comes when we don’t take the time... Read More and more:

make recommendations

Take On The Go

The free iPhone app makes it possible to take with you on the go. The iPhone app gives you access to some of the key features of the site – you can keep up with recommendations from the people you follow, check out your articles you’ve saved to your favourites, archived and more. What the iPhone app doesn’t do unfortunately, is offer you the same discovery features the site does, meaning you have to be following some interesting people before you can enjoy the app on the go.

On the iPhone, you can’t search for specific content or browse the topics available on the site, which really cripples the app in a way that makes it almost unusable. Discovery is rolled into the iPad app, however, giving users something of a mixed experience.

Reading content in the iPhone app, however, does provide the same stripped down, easy-to-read experience that the site affords you, and you can easily share the content via Twitter, and more.

Find out more about in the video below:

Would you use a separate site to find and make recommendations on what to read, or do you prefer to stick to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for that purpose? Let us know in the comments.

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