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Want to be quoted by the BBC? Quora has just announced a partnership deal with the BBC, whereby the broadcaster will use selected Quora content for various sections on their website.

The announcement comes after a trial period in which Quora content appeared in sections such as BBC Travel, and BBC Autos. The trial period seems to have been successful and it is now being rolled out full-scale. So if you fancy possibly seeing your name and quote appearing in a BBC article for no charge, get contributing to Quora right away, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

Quora is steadily gaining a reputation as the place to go to ask questions on any conceivable subject under the sun. And it has resulted in some truly epic threads such as What Are Some Things That Cops Know, But Most People Don’t?, and What Is The Biggest Heist You Ever Pulled Or Tried To Pull Off? The site also has some high-profile regular commenters such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and British TV personality Stephen Fry. And some less famous but notorious commenters, such as American Death Row inmates answering questions on life inside prison, waiting to die.

So it makes sense for Britain’s biggest broadcasting corporation, the BBC, to want to tap into that fountain of knowledge, and use it for their own website visitors.

This isn’t the first time that Quora has licensed out their content.  You can also find Quora answers on


What Quora content would you like to see quoted on the BBC?  Are there any other websites Quora content should be licensed to?

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