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Thanks to modern smartphones and tablets, eBooks have become extremely popular. There are various devices that let you read downloaded eBooks wherever you are. Normally, people search for eBooks and download them using their computer and then they transfer the files to their devices. But if you have downloaded many eBooks on your computer, then it might not be easy to pick the right eBook and put it in your eBook reading device. Apart from the right title, you also have to pick the right book format to transfer.

To save time and to keep things more organized, you should use an extremely beneficial web service called QuietThyme.

manage your ebooks

QuietThyme is a free to use web service that lets you upload your eBooks on a web interface. You can download eBooks from any online source in the epub, PDF, prc, or mobi file formats. eBooks of these formats can then be uploaded to QuietThyme after you have created an account on the site through its connected services such as Google, Facebook, and a few others.

With your eBooks uploaded, they are shown with their covers as thumbnail images. Titles and authors are also shown. You can search for books in your library using title, series, and even ISBN number. Clicking on a book will reveal its synopsis and other valuable information. The site includes a built-in reader that you can use for distraction-free reading.



You can then use your computer’s browser or device’s browser to log in to your QuietThyme account and read your uploaded eBooks. With the free account you can upload as much as 100 eBooks. The premium accounts start from $10 per month and offer integration with Goodreads Bookshelf, extended phone support, and more eBooks that can be uploaded.


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