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quit smokingQuitting smoking will change your life and could potentially save it too. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done. Cigarettes are highly addictive, which is why quitting tends to involve a process rather than just suddenly stopping. The majority of smokers express a desire to quit, but when it comes to actually putting their money where their mouth is things change.

There are some effective methods for quitting smoking, such as hypnotherapy – which worked for my own father – but they’re not right for everyone. Some people need the slow, subtle approach with lots of support and lots of guidance. Which is where the Web comes into its own, offering smokers ample resources to help them quit smoking.

Below are five websites which may help; by educating, informing, and supporting.


quit smoking

We start with a website that deals exclusively in facts. This is the first stop on our tour simply because educating yourselves about cigarettes and the health issues they cause is a good first step to take when preparing to quit.

Some of the information on is cold, hard facts that smokers will struggle to ignore. When you’re addicted to something you really don’t want to hear how your addiction is slowly killing you, or what the tobacco companies themselves think of their product.


Don’t Miss: The section titled Second Hand Smoking Facts – if you can’t quit smoking for yourself then quit for the sake of someone else.

HelpGuide: Smoking Cessation

quit smoking websites

Helpguide is a non-profit organization offering help and advice on a range of different subjects. This is its section on smoking cessation, or quitting smoking. It offers a concise, easily-digestible guide to the very basics involved in beating the addiction.

It begins by detailing the possible reasons behind your need to smoke, and then offers a simple plan to start you on the road to quitting. There are helpful tips to help you deal with the process, as long as brief descriptions of alternative methods for quitting, such as acupuncture and behavior therapy.

Don’t Miss: The Related Articles section at the bottom of the page, which links to Helpguide pages for stress management and relaxation techniques.

Why Quit?

quit smoking websites

Why Quit? It’s the short, direct, and to-the-point question that all smokers must ask themselves before they set off on the journey. The website that lives on this domain aims to answer that question head-on for those planning to quit smoking cold turkey. Which is perhaps the toughest route to take.

The site – which looks a little dated but contains more than enough information to justify its inclusion – is divided into three sections: Motivation, Education, and Support. The first will give you reasons to stop, the second will answer any questions you may have, and the third will guide you after you have taken your last drag.

Don’t Miss: The stories of individuals who have died before their time through smoking-related illnesses. Just one of these may act as an emotional wake-up call to quit.

Quit Smoking Message Board

quit smoking websites

After educating yourself about smoking and motivating yourself to at least have a go at quitting, support is absolutely essential. People who try and quit without support from family and friends will struggle. And the Web can also be a source of support, with strangers offering advice, guidance, and words of encouragement just when you need them most.

The Quit Smoking Message Board is one such source of support, with members who have already quit, who are in the process or quitting, or who want to quit there as a shoulder to lean on. Beating any addiction is much easier when attempted in a group, and here is your way of finding a group of ex- or soon-to-be ex-smokers.

Don’t Miss: The Frequently-Asked Quit Smoking Questions section for a shortcut to the most relevant information previous visitors to this forum have sought.

Wikipedia: Smoking Cessation

quit smoking

While everyone is no doubt aware of Wikipedia’s usefulness as a means of finding out basic information on people, places, and subjects, its usefulness as a legitimate resource for good is often overlooked. Wrongly, in my opinion, as the entry for Smoking Cessation demonstrates.

This Wikipedia page offers a broad range of information presented in a plain and simple way unfettered by opinion or personal accounts. We get a rundown of the various methods that can be used to quit smoking, a look at the comparative success rates and reasons for failure, and statistical analyses of smoking as a whole.

Don’t Miss: The Health Benefits listed as a timeline – within 20 minutes blood pressure and heart rate decrease, while within one year the risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half.


The one thing I can’t do is promise that these websites will lead to you quit smoking. In order to quit smoking you have to want to give up, whether for monetary or health reasons, or, as it usually the case, a mixture of the two. Visiting these websites is the start of a potentially lengthy process, one which could lead to you quitting smoking for ever. But it’s still up to you to make the decision and to follow it through to its conclusion.

Let us know if these websites help you at all, or if you know of any other websites, apps, or resources that have helped you or someone you know quit smoking for good. While those who have given up should avoid being too preachy about kicking the habit, they can at least point smokers who haven’t yet managed to quit in the right direction. Gently.

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