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Wireframes are a great way to lay out a schematic of what you want a website to look like. They make it easy for web developers to make a plan for how a website should look and how it should function. Quirk Wires makes creating wireframes as easy as possible and it allows you to create them right from your browser without having to download anything to your computer.

build wireframes

Quirk Wires allows you to create multiple pages, so you can literally design an entire website from your web browser. You can add all kinds of widgets to the page such as icons, tabs text boxes and many more. If there is something you need on your wireframe, the chances are great that Quirk Wires will have it. You can also have multiple projects going at once, but free accounts are limited to three. If you need more than three accounts you can upgrade to a premium account.


You can create your project in all different sizes, including the screen size for an iPhone. This allows you to craft your wireframes in the exact resolution of the device it will be displayed on.



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