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QuickRota is a useful service for those who have to rely on other people to accomplish a collective task. Such tasks may include the maintenance and bill payment of a shared apartment, completing a college assignment in a group or even delegating duties to office staff members. The main idea is to remind each person who is a part of the rota about the duty they need to perform as part of the group, along with the particular day they need to get it done.

<create your own rota

The service, still in its alpha (testing) phase, allows you to set a rotation schedule and share with each participant of the task by sending them the rota through email.


  • Participants of the rota do not have to be members of QuickRota.
  • Each participant of the rota can sign in and change the settings assigned to their rota.
  • The site prevents spam by asking users to enter a captcha code.
  • Similar tools: When I Work, Otipo, ShiftPlanning and RotaBoard.

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