QuickMaps: Create Maps With Directions

With QuickMaps you can easily draw lines and label locations on a google map using only your mouse cursor. Quite handy if you need to add directions to a map and afterwards share it with others. Maps can be embedded on other web pages as well.

quickmaps   QuickMaps: Create Maps With Directions

How it works?

First find the area you want to add directions to, then map the directions by drawing lines, scribbling, adding labels and text. Once directions are mapped you have an option to share the map with others, embed it onto you blog or export it as KLM or GPX file.


  • Draw directions on the map and share them with others.
  • Embed maps onto your blog or personal web page.
  • Share maps by forwarding URL.
  • Export maps to KML or GPX format.
  • Import maps from Quikmap, KML or GPX maps (from the web or PC).
  • Manage created maps online from one place (registered members only).
  • No sign-up or registration required

Check out QuickMaps @ www.quikmaps.com

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