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Google just added another nice little feature to the way we share images through email…or to be more specific – Gmail. Compose a new email and you will see a image icon with “New” hovering above it. This is a new way to quickly access and email your backed up photos from your mobile device. Try it out and you realize it’s a time-saver.

If you have Auto Backup enabled on your smartphone, the new quick access feature saves a few seconds and some bother as it makes all your photos and videos backed up on Google+ (Google Photos) immediately available via the Gmail window.

Quick Access to Photo Backup

Remember, Auto Backup also allows you to back up entire folders. As you can see in the interface below, you can also share entire folders via the button. Folders will be shared via a link with the people you send your email to.

Google Photos

Photos are organized with the most recent ones coming first in the view. Once you insert an inline image, resize images within the email window by dragging on any corner to make your share picture perfect. To take advantage of this feature, enable Auto Backup and tap into your collections on Google Photos. Combined with Google’s allowance for unlimited standard size photos and videos (i.e. they are not counted against your free Google Drive storage quota), it is a winning feature to also save precious smartphone space.


Storing photos within a click of Gmail makes them easier to share. While there are many options to back up photos from your mobile devices (e.g. Flickr and Dropbox), the little “photo” icon combines the best of two worlds.

Is it a time saver for you? Do you share a lot of photos via email or do you lean more towards social media?

Source: Gmail Blog

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