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keyboard-cleaningIf you’re like me and you tend to leave your laptop for days on end, you’ll notice that it kind of collects dust between keys and in nooks pretty soon. Cleaning around the keyboard is easy. It’s getting the dust and grime off the keys that’s tricky because I want to leave my laptop on while I do it. I’ve been told many “tricks” to do the job: using TextEdit while wiping the keys, for example, so that keystrokes are registered in the word editor.

This “trick” doesn’t work very well because mouse strokes and Exposé buttons are still registered, shifting the focus to the desktop or any other running application.

I found Keyboard Cleaner a few months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. Every time I get irritated by a dirty keyboard, I launch Keyboard Cleaner, start cleaning, quit the application after I’m done and return to work with slippery, shining keys.

A lot of people ask me,”Why can’t you just turn off your laptop in order to clean it?” I answer, its because I don’t need to. Why should I waste time powering off my computer and then wait for it to boot up again, just to get some dirt off my keyboard? The creator of Keyboard Cleaner agrees. Sometimes, you just need to clean your keys right at that moment. That’s when Keyboard Cleaner comes in handy.

keyboard cleaner mac

I don’t exactly know how Keyboard Cleaner works and I don’t want to ruin that magical feeling. It just works. It shields my laptop from keystrokes which may be invoked while cleaning my laptop, with the exception for Command + Q – the only keystroke which will bring my laptop back to life.


It also renders mouse strokes unrecognizable and active screen corners don’t work when Keyboard Cleaner is active. So, you won’t have to worry about Exposé bringing Keyboard Cleaner out of focus. Unfortunately, it has an Achilles heel – it will still allow special keys to be recognized, like the volume up and down buttons on my MacBook. Not a very big deal since it can still get the cleaning job done.

So, all I have to do is launch Keyboard Cleaner, clean my heart out and when I’m done, I quit it and return to my desktop exactly as I left it.

There’s not much to mention about Keyboard Cleaner except that it is a very simple application which does a very good job of shielding your laptop from key stokes while I’m cleaning it. That’s how most applications should be. Simple and effective.

Give Keyboard Cleaner a try if you’re constantly having headaches every time you need to clean your keyboard and you don’t want to shut down your computer to do it. It’s free and works on Mac OS X Leopard only.

Let us know what you think of this simple application and whether or not you are glad to have found it!

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