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Quick Highlighter is a simple code syntax highlighter that highlights any programming code for easier reading and sharing. It converts any code to a formatted and highlighted text so you can quickly paste it to your webpage and share it with your readers.

code syntax highlighter

To highlight a code, just paste the text into the field box. Then select the language of your source code and customize the options sidebar to set how you would like it to be presented. You can choose to set the line numbers, wrap overflowing text, set the tab width, set to highlight inbuilt keywords, switch to strict mode for scripting languages, and combine style and HTML code in the output text.

Quick Highlighter supports over a hundred programming languages including Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, and many more.

code syntax highlighter


  • Convert a source code into text.
  • Highlights the syntax for easier reading.
  • Supports over a hundred programming languages.
  • Set the line numbers.
  • Set the tab width.
  • Wrap overflowing text.
  • Highlight inbuilt keywords or data types.
  • Strict mode for scripting languages.
  • Combine style and HTML code in the output text.
  • Free, no signup is required.

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