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Google already provides maps in search results when looking for businesses with real-world addresses How To Add Your Business To Google Maps How To Add Your Business To Google Maps Read More , but many websites that feature addresses do not. If you rely on maps to make sense of unfamiliar addresses then you might want to consider the Quick Maps add-on for Firefox (also available for Chrome).

google map from address

The add-on can be installed without a restart and once active scans webpages for addresses. When you hover over one of these addresses, a new frame is launched next to the address which shows the location on a Google map 3 Awesome Historical Google Maps Mashups 3 Awesome Historical Google Maps Mashups Read More . The extension also adds an entry to the right click menu which allows for the highlighting of a word and then selecting “Search with Quick Maps” from the context menu which performs a similar function.

The add-on which is designed to save you time while browsing for businesses and locations online works for addresses in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and many more countries.


  • Automatically scans for addresses on the page, then when hovering displays the location on a Google Map in a separate frame.
  • Allows the look-up of addresses and place names using the same pop-up from the right-click context menu.
  • Works in a number of countries including the US, UK and other parts of Europe.
  • Chrome version also available at the Chrome Web Store.
  • Installs without restarting the browser.

Download: Quick Maps Firefox Add-On @ Mozilla Add-Ons 


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