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If you are new to HTML markup, writing a code to build HTML forms might be tedious. Although there are a bunch of online tools which let you easily create forms in a drag and drop interface, here is a Quick Form Builder which enables you to build forms in a much more intuitive way.

It is a web based and simplifies the process of building forms in 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter the fields that you want to appear in the form.
  2. Provide the field types like check box, password, radio buttons, drop-down list, text area, etc.
  3. Choose some markup options, form method, help text to be displayed etc.

Once done, you will be provided with a fully accessible and valid HTML form along with optional CSS code.

online html form builder


  • Build customizable HTML forms in 3 quick steps.
  • Options to choose the field type, markup, form method, help text, etc.,
  • Provides optional CSS code.
  • Free for use, no registration required.
  • Similar tool: Wufoo, phpForm, JotForm and Doculicious.

Check out Quick Form Builder @


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