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Nobody’s perfect. We try our best and still there are imperfections in everything that we do. Human learn from their mistakes, but the opportunity to apply what we have learned is not always present.

So what would you do if there was a second chance in life? Would you start over from scratch and try to re-do everything better? That might be the case of Nicholas Jitkoff.

Jitkoff, the person who was once the developer of Quicksilver, was given a chance by Google to start over with Quick Search Box. He used everything that he’d learned from Quicksilver to build and refine QSB. That’s why QSB has an eerie similarity to Quicksilver, and yet they are also different in some ways.

QSB may lack the powers of Quicksilver (for now), but it’s cleaner and (for me personally) easier to learn and use.

Other QSB’s Quick Actions

Continuing on from the first part of the article 4 Basic Actions You Can Perform with Google Quick Search Box [Mac] 4 Basic Actions You Can Perform with Google Quick Search Box [Mac] Read More where we discussed four basic quick actions that you can do using QSB,  here are some more:

  1. Quick Basic Calculator: Doing quick calculations using QSB is very easy. Summon QSB and write down your query. For example, multiplying 3 and 2 is as simple as writing down 3*2. You don’t even have to hit enter to get the result. QSB can also do a more complicated calculation like (3+2)*12-40. The standard mathematics rules are applied here. It may not as flashy as a Calculator app, but QSB uses less steps to get to the same result.
  2. 01 Quick calculator.jpg

  3. Quick check of the weather: Will today be a sunny day? Or will the snowstorm come? You can quickly have your weather prediction by typing “weather city” or “weather zipcode” (sans quote and replace “city” and “zipcode” with your respective location). Please note that zipcode seems to be only working for US areas.
  4. 02 Weather.jpg

  5. Quick iTunes control: You are taking a phone call but iTunes’ currently playing song is very disturbing. You can use QSB to control iTunes. Just type the command followed by “iTunes”. For example, you can type “Next iTunes Track” and QSB will complete the phrase even before you hit the “u” button. Press “Enter” to execute the command.
  6. 03a iTunes Next.jpg

  7. Other basic iTunes commands are also available such as: Previous, Pause, Play. You can also Increase/Decrease iTunes volume and rating. If you do it frequently enough, QSB will help you finish the command at the first or second letter.
  8. 03d iTunes Decrease volume.jpg

  9. Quick and emergency clipboard manager: There are many good clipboard managers The Best Free Multi-Item Clipboard Managers for Mac The Best Free Multi-Item Clipboard Managers for Mac Read More out there, but for those who are still not using one, QSB can serve you as a decent alternative.Type “clipboard” and press tab/right arrow. You’ll see a list of recent clipboard item.
  10. 04 Clipboard manager.jpg

  11. Choose an item that you need and press another tab/right arrow. Choose copy to clipboard.
  12. 04b Clipboard manager - copy to clipboard.jpg

  13. You can then paste the chosen item anywhere using the usual Command + V. This method is less practical than using clipboard manager, but better than the one item limitation of the default clipboard.
  14. Quick currency exchange rate: We live in the era when geographical boundaries are not as big problems as it used to be. A person can live in one country and work for a company located in some other part of the world. This, and many other reasons, would make quick currency exchange rates a nice and useful feature of QSB.Use Command + 7 (Google Finance) and type both currency codes. You’ll get an instant result and if the result is not complete, just hover your mouse over the result.
  15. 05 Quick Exchange rate.jpg

  16. Create a quick email: QSB is integrated well with Address Book. This allow us to create a quick email. Just type the person’s name and press tab/right arrow, and you’ll have the option to create an email to this person. And if you’ve put your Google account in QSB, you’ll have another option to create the email using your GMail.
  17. 06 Quick email-1.jpg

  18. Quick Dictionary definition: Type Dictionary, press tab/right arrow, and write the word that you want to define. You don’t even need to open the Dictionary.
  19. 07 Dictionary

The Future Of Q

I’m sure there are many more variations of using QSB that I’m not aware of. If you readers know any others, please share using the comments below!

Meanwhile, a reader pointed out that Quicksilver runs flawlessly on his computers. He also suggested that I do a clean install of Quicksilver. Unfortunately, I’m not that lucky. I did manage to re-install Quicksilver. It runs normally until I try to install plugins. Everybody knows that one of the strong points of Quicksilver is in the availability of plugins.

QSB is also catching up in this plugin department. Even though QSB has far less plugins that Quicksilver, more and more people are creating QSB plugins for their favorite applications.

So for now, the Q in my Mac would be QSB. If I ever find a solution to the Quicksilver problem, I will probably install them both.

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