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Do you like voting on and debating with other users on various issues from around the world? Maybe you like talking about technology or important world events? There are all kinds of fun topics to debate with others, and as long as debates are kept civil, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had discussing issues. You can even learn new ways to look at an issue through debating with other people.

If you are looking for a cool way to discuss almost any issue with other Internet users, a new website called Quibl is perfect for you.

online debate platform

Quibl has a lot of different topics you can discuss with other users. For example, you can discuss whether you like the newly announced Xbox One or PS4, whether you support gay marriage…..the list goes on. You can support the issues by voting in a few different ways. You can simply vote on the site, or you can extend by voting on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. This allows users to put down multiple votes on one issue, but you had better really support it, as it will be shared on social media with all of your friends.


Each issue has a place for users to post arguments, so they can explain why they support an issue. Users can include links to articles that help back them up, and each argument can be commented on by users. They can also be voted up, so the arguments you agree with will move to the top.



  • Debate platform for discussing all kinds of issues
  • Vote on causes and offer arguments for them
  • Share votes on social media
  • Vote up other user’s arguments

Find Quibl @

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