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Are you wondering whether there are fish that have babies instead of laying eggs? Or perhaps you want to know how many restaurants there are in your neighborhood? Whatever the nature of your question is, you can ask it from people around the world by an iOS app called Questions.

questions ask video

Questions is a smart device application that is compatible with iOS devices. This app is sized at nearly 11 MB and requires your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to be running version 5.0 or later of iOS. You can use this application to ask any question that is on your mind from people around the world who are using this application. The format used by the application that lets people ask and answer questions is a very interesting one – all people must use only 10 second videos.

questions for ios:

Basically, you ask your question by recording a 10 second video from your iOS device and then upload it through the Questions app. You can optionally save the video to your camera roll. The question you ask through the app can also be optionally posted to your Facebook account so friends can respond through the app. After checking out your question, people can respond by recording their video responses in the same way. You are notified whenever an answer is posted for your question.

The number of questions you ask and the number of answers you provide are all shown on your Questions profile along with the number of people you follow and how many people follow you.


Overall, Questions is a neat little application that lets you ask questions about anything at all from everyone. Either for fun or for educational purposes, this app is an excellent resource.


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Lets you ask questions from anyone around the world using the app.
  • Can post your questions on Facebook to share them.
  • Questions and answers follow a 10 second video format.

Check out Questions for iOS @

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