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Are you looking for a convenient web service to help you create an assessment, quiz, or survey? If yes, then you should check out a site called QuestBase.

create assessments

QuestBase is a free to use web service that lets its users create assessments online. Whether you want to create assessments that are going to be taken online or ones that you will need to print out, QuestBase is the right app for you. You start by creating an account on the website and then clicking on the activation link emailed to you.

The next step is to begin creating your assessment. You can select what kind of an assessment you are making – a simple educational quiz, a psychological test, a survey, or a quiz. You can also specify whether this quiz will be shared online or printed out.


The next steps to creating the quiz involve entering questions. Various kinds of questions are supported including multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and essay-type questions. There are miscellaneous quiz options that you will found useful; these include adding custom fields, setting a time limit, showing the questions in a random order, and more. After you are done with these steps you can share the quiz online or simply print it out as a PDF file.


For greater accessibility, the website also offers a browser application for Google Chrome.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create online quizzes online.
  • Also supports surveys and educational tests.
  • Supports various kinds of questions.
  • Lets you share the quiz online or print it out as a PDF file.

Check out QuestBase @

Check out its Chrome app @ 

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