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Role-playing games have now become highly popular among computer video game players. But before their current popularity, such games were more text-based and played by people more through stories than through actual game pieces. Here to help you play and create such games is an app called Quest.

create text based game

Quest is a free to use desktop application compatible with Windows computers. The function of the app is to help you create and play text-based games. You start by downloading and installing the setup file of the app that is sized at nearly 20 MB. Once this is done, you can open the application and begin playing the created games. The games are in the app’s online library – it has a web app as well – so any game you select to play is downloaded first. You can also begin creating your own games.

When you choose to create a game, you can either create a solely text adventure or a gamebook. Text adventures let you look at objects whereas in gamebooks you can pick up objects and leave rooms as well.

Whichever option you choose, creating the game is entirely up to you i.e. there are no limitations as to what kind of a game you make or what scripts you choose. You are only bound by your imagination. In that regard, Quest really is boundless. To get inspiration for what kind of a game to make or simply to get an idea of what Quest lets you do, you should first try out the games already available within the application.




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