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Website owners should always maintain their sites malware-free in order to ensure the security of their users or customers. QualysGuard Malware Detection is a free web service that scans your websites regularly for malware infections. It provides automated notifications in case of a detection and identifies the vulnerable code snippet for efficient removal.
scan website for malware

To utilize this in your website, first you need to sign up for an account by registering your company. Once you log in, you can immediately start to add websites that you want to scan. To add a site, simply enter the website title, the website URL, and a validation email of the site’s domain. Then you need to input your scanning preferences such as the scan schedule, maximum depth, maximum pages, and the scan intensity.

scan website for malware

QualysGuard Malware Detection is essentially a malware scanner for your websites. This tool is especially useful during website maintenance checkups. It is also a lifesaver since it scans your website for malware before it affects the majority of your users.


  • Scans websites for malware regularly.
  • Provides automated notification in case of a detection.
  • Identifies malware though behavioral and statistic analysis.
  • Identifies the vulnerable code snippet for efficient removal.
  • Set your scanning preferences.
  • No software installation is required.
  • Similar sites: Sucuri, UnmaskParasites and WebAnti-Malware.

Check out QualysGuard Malware Detection @


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  1. Zia
    May 10, 2010 at 1:12 pm wrongly marks my website with malware when nobody else (google first) can find any.
    Some time (not too long) ago was blocked by any antivirus to load preventing a virus to spread from
    If i have to choose between Google and Sucuri analysis, i would better trust google.