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If you like traveling and are competitive by nature, check out Quadstreaker. It is a fun exploratory location-based game for your iPhone. You simply install it on your iPhone and move from one place to another. It tracks your movements and logs your progress on its map.

Every area is divided into quads, and the more you travel physically the more quads you cover on the map grid. So you will actually have to go outside and travel distances in the real world, instead of sitting all day on your couch. It encourages your and your friends to explore territories in your neighborhood, city or state and have fun doing it.

location based game for iphone

The more places you visit in the real world the more quads will be filled on your personal map grid. You can cover your neighborhood, city or even the whole country. Accumulate points, compete with your friends and see their progress on the shared Lifeboard. To start using the app, download it from the Appstore and sign in with your Facebook login.



Needless to say that to use the app your GPS has to be turned on, otherwise it won’t count your physical locations on your personal map grid.

Demo video


  • Streak Quads, Hoods, Cities, Counties, States, and Countries.
  • Sign in with Facebook.
  • Doesn’t share your current location with other users.
  • Accumulate points, compete with friends and see their progress on shared Lifeboards.
  • Unlock stuff with each upper level advance.
  • World is mapped by quads instead of streets and venues (like on Foursquare).
  • Share your highlights on Facebook.
  • Compatible with iOS devices – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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