Quadrant Updated To Version 2.0, Adds Support For ICS And Multi-Core Processors [News]

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Developer Aurora Softworks has just updated the Quadrant application for Android to include support for multi-core processors and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Despite its popularity, multi-core support was quite poor in previous versions. Devices with such hardware should now score higher than they did before.

Benchmarking has long been a good way to judge a computer’s performance. Smartphones and tablets are no different, but are of course incapable of running PC tests. Some apps have already established themselves as the go-to benchmarks for Android devices, and one the most well-known is Quadrant.

The other major addition is full Android 4.0 support. Quadrant could run on ICS before this update, but wasn’t optimized for it. Users running the latest version of Android are likely to now receive better benchmark results.

Because the changes are significant, results from previous versions of Quadrant and this new version are no longer strictly compatible. Most high-end smartphones and tablets built in the last year are going to see a significant improvement because they have more than one core. Users should also remember that a higher benchmark score doesn’t mean a device is actually quicker.

Other changes introduced by the new version include an improved user interface, bug fixes and support for users who speak Polish.  You’ll need Android version 1.5 or better to use this app, and as always, it is free to non-commercial users.

Source: Phandroid

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