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A good writer knows that to write is to focus. Anything else that clutters and distracts us does not help push the creative process. While there are excellent apps for distraction-free writing especially for the Mac, there seems to be no good option for the web. Well, until now. Quabel is the sort of web app that writers will love. This app is especially designed for uncluttered and simple writing while bringing the goodness of the cloud.

distraction free word processor

You can use Quabel without having to register, but you can also create an account so that you can save your files for later. The interface is exactly what you expect for apps of this genre – no sidebars, top to bottom whitespace, and nice typography. It also has a night mode setting for writers who prefer to use a dark background.

Quabel also includes a pseudo file system with its Explorer feature. Here you can add labels to stored texts, export articles, or delete your draft articles.

Despite its simplicity, Quabel is a web app with powerful features. This app is for anyone who need a focused writing tool online and without the hassle of maintaining files.



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