QRVCards: Share Contact Information using Barcodes

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We have reviewed a number of online services offering different ways to share your contact details like using virtual business cards or even text messages. This time I stumbled upon a site called QRVcards.

QRVcards is yet another web service aims to make it easy for you to share your contact information with others. What makes it different is the fact that it does the whole thing using barcodes. For instance, you can generate your own barcode that contains your contact details. Folks can use the mobile cam to scan the code and get your contact details. (Not sure what these codes are? Read this MakeUseOf article to find out.)

Adding your contact info to QR code is very easy, simply enter your contact details and choose preferred barcode type and size. Then click on the “Create Barcode” button. Once it’s ready you can print it on your business card, a sticker or your t-shirt. Others will be able to scan it using their mobile phones.

share contact information


  • Share your contact info with barcodes.
  • Print the barcode on your business card, a sticker or t-shirt.
  • Others can quickly scan them to obtain your contact info.
  • Customize the barcode size and type (Datamatrix or QR).

Check out QRVCards @ www.qrvcards.com

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