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QR codes were first designed for use in the automotive industry but have emerged with time to share links and data. To read QR codes, there are specific mobile applications designed to take care of this task but we might come across certain situations where we have to scan QR codes in order to download some specific applications. To solve this problem, you should give the QRreader extension for Google Chrome a try.

read qr codes

Once installed, QRreader Beta helps users read QR codes without any mobile application. Once installed, the extension adds an option to read QR codes in Chrome’s right click menu. Just browse any website, right click on the QR code and click on the “Read QR Code from image” button. If the QR  code has any link attached to it, it will be opened in a new tab automatically. On the other hand, if there is any text linked to it, it will be displayed in a popup window.


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