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RSS syndication is a nice way to subscribe to and follow multiple (up to hundreds) of your favorite websites and blogs from a single place. While most users don’t really use RSS to access and follow interesting content, once they find out about RSS usually they start to use it more and more due to its convenience.

Now that Google decided to kill Google Reader, there are numerous alternative services popping up to fill the void for publishers and users. One such service is Qrius. It is a RSS syndication service that lets web publishers including big publishers and independent blogs easily distribute their content via feeds to their readers by putting the Qrius button on their pages.

generate rss feeds

So if you are a publisher, simply go to their website, click “Get the button” at the top and in the fields below enter your Feed title, Feed URL (ex:, select language and click “Get the code” at the bottom. You will given an embeddable code, which you will have to insert into the <body> section of your website where you would like the button to appear.

You can get a button for multiple feeds of your website. To get a button for subsequent feeds, simply select the option “Subsequent feed’ when generating the code.

Once users see the Qrius button on your website they will have to sign in with Facebook, Google or Twitter to subscribe to your website feeds and view them in a news reader called Taptu.


Here is what a feed will look like to your users :



  • RSS syndication service for websites and blogs.
  • Requires Taptu news reader to read the feeds.
  • Related tools – FeedDude.

Check out Qrius @ (via Techcrunch)

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