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2D barcodes (also known as QR codes) have become incredibly useful. While it first became popular in Japan and their smartphones, it is also now widely used by Blackberry to register contacts and by Google’s Android to install apps, send music, images, URLs and more. Now you can add your contact information in 2D barcode to your business card with QR-Code Business Cards – essentially making your previously classic card an “electronic” one.

business cards with qr code

To create your card, choose a calling card template then enter your personal information. You can add your company name, website, position, city, zip code, and more. All this data will be converted to a 2D barcode where users can export the card as a PDF and print it on the spot.

business cards with qr code

You can now use your own 2D code as a great conversation piece and also provide you with a quick opening to have your number automatically added into their phones.


  • Free; no sign-up required.
  • Create calling cards with your own 2D barcode.
  • Print from PDF.
  • Choose from several templates.
  • Similar Tools: CardXC, Spartx,, BusinessCardStar, Deyey, Likify, BeQRious and QRJumps.

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