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With the advent of smart phones, the use of QR codes has also grown tremendously. They are easily scannable by any smart phone and they lead the user to the desired information without having to type anything. QRBlaster lets you generate QR codes within seconds. Simply select what you are trying to create a code for. The options include text, URL, email, phone number, Vcard, Maps location and much more.

Once done, enter the information and then customize your QR code color by selecting a color from the wizard. Once created, you can print your QR code, send it by mail, generate a high-resolution image of it, or put it on goodies like mugs or t-shirts. No registration or download is required and you can create a customized code within seconds.

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  • Create a QR code for any kind of information.
  • Print, mail or download as image.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: QRHacker anf Unitag.

Visit QRBlaster @

** Editor’s Note (21.11.11) **we have been contacted by the owner of, claiming that QR Blaster is a direct rip-off of his own site, and that QR Blaster is now the subject of a DMCA complaint. As a result, the link to QR Blaster has been removed until the issue between the two parties has been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.


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