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Numerous online tools let you create QR codes. Most of these tools offer the same basic format, with the same basic QR code creation tools. But if you are looking for a QR generation tool that lets you create more colorful codes, then QR Hacker is the site to visit.

QR Hacker is a web service that lets you create colorful QR codes to encode text, URLs, phone numbers, and Vcards. You can select the appropriate category in the leftmost pane of the site and then select your color customizations in the rightmost pane of the site. In the customization you can select how round the code’s pixels appear. You can also select colors and images for the background and foreground of the code.


Once you have completed editing your QR code you can download it as a PNG image or a PDF document.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create QR codes.
  • Offers numerous color and background customizations.
  • Provides code in PNG and PDF image formats.
  • Similar tool: Unitag.

Check out QR Hacker @

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